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A scavenger hunt is a game played by two or more people. The game can be played against individual or competing groups. A list of things to hunt for is given to the participant. Before the allotted time runs out, he must complete the list the fastest in order to win. There are different types of scavenger hunt. There is the photo scavenger hunt which makes use of cameras, while on the other hand computers are needed to play the internet scavenger hunt. There are many scavenger hunt ideas out there that you can play. They are only limited by your imagination. Here are a few examples.

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Pirate Scavenger Hunt
First you need to create pirate costumes for your guests to wear during the scavenger hunt. You can also ask them to come in their own pirate costumes. Or better yet, make simple props for your guests suggesting the theme. Props such as pirate hats (hats with a skull and crossbones design), eye patches, hooks in place of hands and a hanky around the head would do. The list of items too look for should also be in keeping with the theme. Hide items like skulls, treasure chest, pirate flag, anchor, ropes, gold bars, jewels (fakes of course), pearl, paddle, captain’s hook, guns, swords, parrot, and gold coins. Set a time limit for the players. When the time is up, the game is over.

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Costume Scavenger Hunt
List characters as many as the players or as many as the competing groups available. You can come up with your own characters or take different professionals as characters (Doctor, Police, Footballer, Astronaut, Music Conductor, etc.). You can also use famous politicians, athletes or celebrities as characters. List all the items or props each character will need in order to look the way they should. Other than their clothing, the props could be a football for the footballer, stethoscope for the doctor a wig for a particular celebrity and many others. Make sure each character has equal number of items to look for. When you have this all ready, assign a character to each player or draw lots to determine who will be what. The players will have to search for all the costumes or props their designated character needs which are written on a list they will be given. They put on every item they will find until everything on the list has been found. The fastest to do this shall be declared the winner. At the end of the scavenger hunt, all the players should be wearing their costumes and props. The costume party has begun.

Bible Scavenger Hunt
The list of this scavenger hunt consists of Bible related tasks or items. Take a picture with a man named Abraham, for instance. Find someone who can recite to you the verse John 3:16, someone who can sing Amazing Grace with you or someone who can answer some Bible trivia. A video camera will be needed on this scavenger hunt to record the people you could find.


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