Chiller Trailer Hire-Fundamentals Explained

Chiller Trailer 412V Refrigeration Units For Vehicle is shrewd decision, exceptionally for these vehicles: Sprinter, Ford, Renault, Fiat, VW, EVECO with its refrigerated van bodies volume up to 2~5m³, basically utilized for transporting perishable nourishment, and other cooling freight. Electric Refrigeration Units For refrigerated van, likewise apply to a wide range of refrigerated trucks, Mainly furnished with protected truck bodies. 12V 24V vehicle battery controlled refrigeration units used to introduce fridge van/truck including Fresh Electric Van Refrigeration Units, and Frozen Electric Van Reefer Unit for deals. Likewise called electric vehicle refrigeration unit.

Electric Vehicle Refrigeration System Solutions. Answer for your electric transport refrigeration units, we have two sorts of 12V 24V DC fueled refrigeration units for your icebox vans or trucks, they are freshness electric vehicle refrigeration units and stop electric vehicle reefer unit individually. Freshness Electric Vehicle Refrigeration Units. Freshness Electric Vehicle Refrigeration Units utilizes Eco-accommodating R134a refrigerant, are predominantly utilized for keeping the conveyance of new cargoes, for example, organic products, vegetable, crisp meat, botanical, dairy, agriculture plant, refreshment or different merchandise require a not low temperature go from – 5?~+25? likes restorative, concoction products. Check fridge trailer hire

Stop Electric Vehicle Reefer Unit. Solidified Electric Vehicle Reefer Unit utilizes R404a refrigerant, is major utilized for transporting solidified sustenances, or different cargoes requires an exceptionally higher temperature request, between – 15? also, +25, for example, ice and dessert, profound solidified nourishments, fishery items, margarine and palatable fats, egg items, poultry and diversion, solidified meat et cetera.

Vehicle refrigeration units was fueled by the vehicle battery’s 12V/24V DC ( coordinate current ) allude to this refrigeration units should be driven by the vehicle battery or an additional Transformer (AC Power Switch) to secure your merchandise wellbeing at an appropriate temperature condition. Basically introduced and settled on the housetop of refrigerated vans. Most extreme cooling intended for the transportation of new/solidified products in van with refrigerated body volume of 2~5m³.Chiller Trailer

12V/24V vehicle refrigeration units, additionally called electric van reefer units, DC fueled vehicle refrigeration unit, was intended for transporting temperature-controlled load which require an electric refrigeration units particularly when the vehicle motor is kill (no sitting). Keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from the vehicle battery deplete, the refrigeration units required an additional transformer to drive through charging from 240V or 380V power when the vehicle and refrigerated van kill for quite a while.

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